Churches which join the Ruach Network of Churches will benefit from numerous resources which will be made freely available. Churches will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and experience and be able to access our useful and practical resources such as, Teaching Materials, Training Programmes, Ministry Tools, etc.

Networking Church Leaders

Churches which join the Ruach Network of Churches will have the opportunity to work together to renew, strengthen and plant churches. The Ruach Network of Churches will also provide local opportunities for Church Leaders and their Leadership Teams to:

·      Encounter God through transformational teaching, worship and ministry

·      Be in intentional and accountable relationships with others who share our values

·      Encourage prayer for the reviving work of God’s Spirit

Our Church Leaders’ Network gives members close and continuing contact with others who have the same spiritual DNA. It is the thinking of the Ruach Network of Churches that if all the imagination, dreams, energy and talents are harnessed, then together we could really contribute to changing nations.

Linking Churches in Relationship

The Ruach Network of Churches will bring churches together:

·      To develop a network of relationally-linked churches

·      To link like-minded churches within particular areas (e.g. geographic or specific ministry areas)

·      To share understanding and support each other

·      To Work collaboratively by providing a range of activities such as equipping and training days, faith-sharing opportunities for teams, joint celebration services, and round table discussions, etc.

Developing Future Leaders

The Ruach Network of Churches also exists to provide theological and practical training specifically for the Church’s future leadership through the following:

·       A Ruach Network of Churches Training Centre within reach of each network group

·       A range of training opportunities (such as a one year discipleship course, internships and modular university accredited and/or unaccredited courses)

Working Together In Missions

The Ruach Network of Churches will be pro-active in encouraging Member Churches to work together in missions in the power of the Holy Spirit:

·      Encouraging the planning of bold and creative missions locally and regionally

·      Engaging in events together, supporting one another in outreach

·      Developing missions leaders for planting churches together

·      Sharing resources and providing support to Member Churches and Church Leaders