Network Structure

International Director

Presently, Bishop John Francis is the International Director for the Ruach Network of Churches.

The International Director provides spiritual and managerial oversight of the Ruach Network of Churches and has power of authority and global governance with the responsibility for the welfare, maintenance and vision of the Ruach Network of Churches.

The scope of responsibility ranges from general oversight of the Ruach Network of Churches to specific interaction with the Ruach Network of Churches where it is understood that churches who have joined accept that they will not just be accountable spiritually, but also provide regular reports re the life and daily administration of their local church, financial viability, community interaction and its visions. It is further understood that where deemed necessary, the local church will submit itself to the direction, instruction, advice and support of the International Director where such is considered to benefit and enhance their local church.

Executive Board

The Network of Churches will have an Executive Board of 12 members. The International Director has oversight of the Executive Board. The 12 members will be made up of Trustees (Quorate) and Regional Directors. The Executive Board will be the highest Governance of the Ruach Network of Churches where all the charity articles and by-laws, 501c3 or equivalent will be reviewed and voting for Regional Directors will be carried out.

Geographical Regions

The Ruach Network of Churches will have geographical regions, details of which to be confirmed.

Regional Directors

Regional Directors will oversee the Geographical Regions. Regional Directors will hold their position for a 4 year term only. The Regional Directors report back to the International Director and the Executive Board on a regular basis on the Ruach Network of Churches located in their region. The Regional Directors will make up the Regional Council.

Regional Council

The purpose of the Regional Council is to provide a forum where the Regional Directors meet and discuss implementation of their Programme and Vision for their Region.

A fully detailed scope of the responsibilities and remit of the Regional Directors to be submitted.

Regional Team

Each Regional Director will have a Regional Team working with him/her to ensure the success of that Region’s Programme and Vision.

Details of make-up and skillset of Regional Teams to be submitted.

Regional Conference

It is envisaged that with the growth of the Network, Regional Conferences will take place (frequency to be confirmed).

International Conference

There will also be the convening of an International Conference (frequency to be confirmed). Regional Directors will be elected at the International Conference for a 4 year term.

All Conferences including Regional and International Conferences shall be no more than 4 days in duration commencing on Wednesday to conclude on the Saturday.